Seed Library FAQs

Seed Library FAQs

What is a seed library?

A seed library is a place that allows its patrons to ‘checkout’ seeds. These seeds are then planted by the patron in their own personal garden. The Jackson County Library’s seed library can be found within the main branch of the library.

How do I check out seeds?

When you come in to get seeds, simply stop at one of the staff desks and let them know that you are taking out seeds. They will provide you with a brief form asking for your name and the type of seeds you are taking. We would love to know how you plan to use your seeds and welcome any type of feedback you may have.

How many seed packets can I take at a time?

At this time, the library asks that patrons only take out 4 packets at a time. This will ensure that more people are able to get seeds. As our library’s seed collection grows, this limit may change.

Why should I save seeds?

Saving seeds ensures that diverse (and tasty) seed stocks well-suited for Arkansas’ climate continue to exist. For more information on how to save your seeds, please visit this website.

Do I have to return seeds after I harvest?

We’re so glad that you asked! We do not require that you return seeds to us although we will gladly accept any seed donations you wish to make.

How do I save seeds?

Once you have harvested your produce, you can save the seeds to grow even more. Methods of saving seeds depend on what time of plant you have grown. For dry seeds, such as cabbage and onion, you will allow the seed pot to dry slightly while still attached to the plant. After it has dried, you will remove the pod and open it to take the seeds from inside. The seeds need to be stored in an airtight container. For wet seeds, such as pumpkins and melons, you should remove the seeds from the pulp, rinse the pulp away, and dry the seeds prior to placing them in a container.

How can I help?

You can help us in our goal of encouraging community members to grow their own food by joining the library in garden-related events and by donating seeds. Please check our events regularly and inquire about how you can participate more. If you wish to donate seeds, please ensure that they are properly labelled and identified. Any commercial seed must be non-GMO and non-hybrid.

Where can I learn more about gardening?

You can learn more while you’re at the library! We have a great selection of gardening books available for checkout to help you plan, start, grow, and harvest your garden, whether you are planting fruits, vegetables, or ornamentals. We also have a selection of gardening information websites on our website under the web links section. Check our events regularly for gardening information sessions. Please contact us if you are interested in beginning a library-based gardening club.


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